Program Components

The core program components of Well-Play

There are five wellness targets; social, emotional, mental, physical,and spiritual.

The play component is the essence of all events under the brand of Well-Play.

Well-Play uses a unique integrative approach, infusing play and therapy into some of our Well-Play programming. We utilize modalities such as narrative, group talk, trans-generational, family system, CBT, and brief therapies as well as meditative approaches to get to the core of various issues. Well-Play also integrates well with stress management, anger management,and life coaching programs.

All Well-Play events provide resources to assist with self-education and further the learning experience beyond the event so that long after the program is over our clients can continue to “Play Well.”

Wellness Targets

The Soul of Well-Play

Developing and nurturing interdependent relationships with others as it relates to community, social justice, family and society.

Emotional wellness is the ability to identify, process and accept your internal feelings and communicate them in a manner that that does not brin ...more

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