Why Well-Play

A Word from the Founder

As I sit in a cabin in Big Sur, I am surrounded by trees, mountains, blue skies, the sound of various bird calls and the fresh mountain air; I am moving into a state of relaxation. In this space I am held captive so I begin to reflect on my quality of life and what it all means to me.  Through the years, quality of life has changed for me; in my twenties, it was about having fun and getting my education. In my thirties, it was climbing the corporate ladder and getting to know my true authentic self. In my late thirties and now early forties it’s about positive life experiences for my children and me.

What are positive life experiences today, those things which touch my soul and cause me to pause and reflect?  What are the things that bring me joy and teach me life lessons?  Time with my children and family, exploring the world and discovering things that help me to remain healthy.  All of these things combined nourish my soul, expand my capacity to give and receive love, and most of all assist me in enjoying my life.

Unfortunately, my life has become consumed with stuff, tasks, things that have been masked as necessities in order to obtain a quality life. I’m not going to debate whether or not these things are a necessity. I will let you pose the question to yourself and determine your own answer.  No matter your answer, what I do know is that we all can use more quality life experiences: Play for the Soul.

Well-Play is just that, Play for the Soul; events and activities that provide assistance with staying healthy and cause you to pause, reflect, find joy, learn, connect with family, and explore the world. Well-Play works to reconnect the mind and body, because for most of us our mind-body connection is severely impaired.  Mahatma Gandhi stated that “You must be the change you want to see in the world.”  I have worked diligently on my mind and body connection, thus my desire to create a company that realigns the mind and body.  Join me as I continue on my mind-body connection by creating Play for the Soul.

Denise M. Williams – Founder/Creator

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